Happy NYE friends!!

First and foremost – Holy cow!! So I did it! I changed the name of my blog… welcome to Life of Kate!!

I REALLY hope you continue to stick around for all the great stuff that is coming your way in 2014. If you have been around for awhile you have probably noticed me talking about how busy I am with Etsy like ALL THE TIME! Trust me, that is a great thing! But it has also left me feeling super bummed out about my blog life.. which has been terrible to say the least. I hope that these changes fix that.

Here are some of the changes that will be / have taken place here on the blog:

1. I changed the name, so far I hope you are all with me! You will notice though that I have not changed my URL. I am not sure what I am going to do as far as that is concerned.. I own it – and there are a lot of great recipe links that I would rather not lose!

2. The blog will also feature tons of information about the design side of my life… kmd designs.  This part of my life has also made some huge changes.

Most importantly, I changed the name of my design company. Previously, I was operating under Custom Creations by Kate or (ccbkate). Really that is just too much of a mouthful… GAH! So I have been brainstorming for months on what to change it to and one day I just up and decided – kmd designs. It’s simple. I really like how the k and the d loop toward each other… I was sold!

In short kmd designs started as a small Etsy shop in 2010. I created it after doing a lot of freelance work for friends and family. Lately business has really picked up and I have started to merge branding for small businesses into my portfolio. Awesome stuff! I can’t wait to share more.  There is a separate page in the list for my design stuff and I will keep it categorized differently, so don’t worry … if you are here for recipes, they are still super easy to find! At least I hope!! Please give me feedback as this whole thing will probably go through multiple changes for the next few weeks to months

3. I have a homepage. Not sure how I feel about it? That is definitely a work in progress as I get used to a new theme. I changed over to SiteOrigin. Tons of options. Not sure how to use all of them yet!

4. This one may be the most important of all. I am dropping “veganism.” I am not going back to eating meat but over the years I have gotten pretty sick of all the stereotypes and questions. I will still be posting mostly vegan recipes to the blog. I have started to reintroduce a bit of dairy and eggs back into my life recently so they will be in some. I will make an effort to talk about substitutes for all of my lovely vegan peeps out there though! I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle but I am going to do so without labels or restrictions. I’m going to do it my way!

5. This is going to be a lot of fun! I look forward to being more real and including more of my life into my blog. I think it is important to show all sides of who I am and I have felt very restricted in the last 6 months or so!

I look forward to a great 2014! More to come soon!! 

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  1. christian lee designs says:

    Congrats!!!! I hope it’s everything you dream AND more!!!
    I LOVE your recipes!!! Your oatmeal with apples in a slow cooker has been a life saver. I cook almost every night before one of my long runs. Thank you!!!
    Happy 2014 and I am looking forward to your new posts.
    Christian Lee

    • katie says:

      Thank you!! I’m so glad you love that recipe! I have been mixing it up with coconut milk, bananas, and chocolate chunks… Then adding shredded coconut in the morning! So amazing!!

  2. Tanya says:

    It is always so important to do what is right for you so I think it is great you are following you’re heart. However, I am so sorry that other’s limited views have played into you changing your diet. Instead of telling people what I don’t eat, I try to focus on the great things I have discovered with this new way of eating. I wish you the best!

    • katie says:

      Thanks for your comment! 2014 will be a great year – I still truly love following a vegan lifestyle and I do 90% of the time… I’m just sick of the labels and the “oh so you CAN’T eat that!?” … It gets old :)

I love to hear from you!